ACIA Scientific Report

Copies of the 1042-page scientific report of the Arctic Climate Impact Assessment are not available at the ACIA Secretariat. You can download the full report for free, or purchase it from Cambridge University Press.

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Chapter 1: Introduction to the ACIA (pp. 1-20)

Chapter 2: Arctic Climate - Past and Present (pp. 21-60)

Chapter 3: Changing Arctic: Indigenous Perspectives (pp. 61-98)

Chapter 4:  Future Climate Change: Modeling and Scenarios (pp. 99-150)

Chapter 5:  Ozone and Ultraviolet Radiation (pp. 151-182)

Chapter 6:  Cryosphere and Hydrology (pp. 183-242)

Chapter 7:  Arctic Tundra and Polar Desert Ecosystems (pp. 243-352)

Chapter 8:  Freshwater Ecosystems and Fisheries (pp. 353-452)

Chapter 9:  Marine Systems (pp. 453-538)

Chapter 10:  Principles of Conserving the Arctic’s Biodiversity (pp. 539-596)

Chapter 11:  Management and Conservation of Wildlife in a Changing Arctic Environment (pp. 597-648)

Chapter 12:  Hunting, Herding, Fishing and Gathering: Indigenous Peoples and Renewable Resource Use in the Arctic (pp. 649-690)

Chapter 13:  Fisheries and Aquaculture (pp. 691-780)

Chapter 14:  Forests, Land Management, and Agriculture (pp. 781-862)

Chapter 15:  Human Health (pp. 863-906)

Chapter 16:  Infrastructure: Buildings, Support Systems, and Industrial Facilities (pp. 907-944)

Chapter 17:  Climate Change in the Context of Multiple Stressors and Resilience (pp. 945-988)

Chapter 18:  Summary and Synthesis of the ACIA (pp. 989-1020)